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New Stronger Capsules! 



Our new capsules are infused with 75MG of Full Spectrum CBD. With 20 capsules in the new 1500MG tub and 40 capsules in the new 3000MG tub. Our more seasoned customers say that 75MG is the perfect dose for pain and stress.



IngredientsPurified Water, Gelatin (All Natural), Glycerin, Hemp Extract, Hempseed Oil


  • 1500MG/20 Capsules Per Bottle
  • 3000MG/40 Capsules Per Bottle
  • 75MG Full Spectrum CBD Per Capsule
  • Soft Gel Capsules



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Why Use CBD Capsules?


Working out how to take your CBD can be one of the biggest challenges for a new user. This is especially so for those yet to try hemp-based products and are daunted by the range of options.


Capsules are great because taking them is no different to any other supplement or medication.  Just work out how much you want, and you can guarantee taking the exact same dose every time.  You’ll then be able to judge more clearly the effect that various doses of CBD have on you.




To Improve Mental Health


CBD is being touted as a natural remedy that can help with a number of conditions. It may also be of use for more general issues related to mental health.  Several investigations suggest that CBD can reduce symptoms of anxiety. Moreover, the neuroprotective and neurogenesis properties of CBD could be vital to reversing damage from brain inflammation.  Some research indicates this could be responsible for depression.


The Endocannabinoid system (ECS) is implicated in cognition, and the central nervous system is teeming with cannabinoid receptors. It’s no surprise, then, that CBD can have therapeutic value for our psychological health. CBD also promotes hippocampus growth, which may have a positive effect on short and long-term memory.


Last but not least, smaller doses of CBD have been associated with increased wakefulness and higher levels of focus.  This could mean great potential for CBD Genesis capsules as a natural, non-addictive study aid.  They could also be used as a focus supplement for work.




For Immune System Regulation


Regulating and strengthening the body’s immune system response reduces the threat of viruses and bacteria.  It also negates the risk of the body turning on and attack itself, as happens with aggressive inflammation.  CBD has shown great promise as a substance that boosts the immune system.


This is because of the close connection between the immune system and the ECS. When we take CBD, there is increased activity at the CB2 receptor. When compounds bind with this receptor, they exert an anti-inflammatory effect. More specifically, there is the suppression of proteins, such as cytokines, which trigger inflammation.




As A Supplement


CBD is great as a supplement that helps us to stay physically and mentally healthier. Some people take lots of capsules each day, keeping them in a ‘stack’.  CBD oil capsules are a very good supplemental dietary product, thanks to the regulating effect on the ECS.

Regulation of the ECS encourages good bone and reproductive health. It can also improve our mood over the long-term, while reducing sensitivity to pain.  CBD can also lower cortisol levels, and as a strong antioxidant, it’s great for brain health, too.




Capsules are discreet


There is still a lot of confusion with CBD among the public.  Not everybody knows or appreciates that hemp-based products are legal and non-psychoactive. So, it’s no wonder that some like to be private about their usage of CBD.  With capsules, you are afforded the ultimate discretion and efficiency.


CBD Genesis capsules do not smell and are contained in a small tub for easy access. Furthermore, with capsules the process of taking them is very simple – just swallow with a glass of water.  There is some evidence that taking CBD alongside fatty foods boosts potency, by making the CBD easier to metabolize.




Dosing with CBD capsules


Our capsules are infused with either 75mg of CBD. With 20 capsules in a tub, or 40 capsules, this amounts to 1500mg and 3000mg total CBD in each tub.  A 75mg dose is just right if using CBD as a daily supplement.  However, those taking capsules for sleep or pain relief may find that 2 capsules are more effective.


Final Thoughts


This CBD Genesis Capsules overview has hopefully shown you more about how CBD can be beneficial.  We’ve also tried to explain why this product in particular is enjoyed by consumers.


Having two distinct doses also helps people to work out the effects of different amounts of CBD. Low doses can work better than higher doses, depending on the problem you’re trying to remedy. So, it is always worth keeping an open mind about CBD and be prepared to experiment with different strengths.









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Great Prices On Quality CBD And Free Shipping !




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